Digital Solutions
for Your Industry

Professional Trades Businesses

Helping plumbers, electricians, handymen, landscapers, painters and home repair businesses attract more customers. Creating websites with fantastic portfolios of your work, fully functioning booking features, increasing google visibility, encouraging reviews to grow popularity of the business and many more digital solutions specific to your industry.


Consumers are changing the way they choose places to eat and drink. Searching for highly rated bars, restaurants and cafes online is becoming increasingly popular. We can help grow your online presence by creating Google Business pages and TripAdvisor pages, create websites containing menus and table booking features which will attract more customers and increase your profits.

Auto Mechanics

Consumers regularly search online for reputable mechanics, repair shops and garages when they have an issue with their vehicle. Many auto mechanics do not have a website or call to action feature meaning potential customers move on to the next shop that does. Building a smart, easy-to-use website with booking features, review systems and call to action will increase the traffic coming to your business.


After the global Covid-19 pandemic, consumers taste and preferences to shopping has drastically changed with many opting for online shopping due to competitive pricing and convenience. Many small retail businesses do not have an online e-commerce feature and as a result can miss out on business opportunities. Building a fully functioning e-commerce website, Google Business Page and Social Media accounts can help your business compete in the digital era.

Health, Fitness and Sport

Consumers are attracted to gyms, health and sport facilities through online reviews and websites. An example being golf courses, people like to view beautiful images of holes and use simple booking functions. However, many health, fitness and sport businesses have outdated websites, no social media pages and minimal online presence. At Evolutis we can help your business evolve in the digital era through striking websites, social media pages and more.

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